...у всякого человека есть Остров. (с)
«What’s your go-to karaoke song?
Ice-Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice».
Очень хорошо представляю, как Оуэн поёт "айс, айс, бэби" :D


Eoin Macken

Age: 34

Originally from... Dublin

You’ll know him from... Sixteenth Century small screen romp The Tudors, TV fantasy series Merlin, and fast paced hospital drama The Night Shift

When did you first describe yourself as an ‘actor’

I still feel like I’m learning and becoming an actor. Make sense?

What was the first VHS/ DVD you bought?

The French film La Haine. I bought the special edition and I remember being very excited, because it was hard to get your hands on.

What’s been your most challenging role?

Killing Jesus with Kelsey Grammer, because I was playing Herod Antipas, an unlikeable character who put the thorns on Jesus’s head. It was my job to make the audience warm to him. I tried to understand him in terms of politics, how people are put in positions and you can’t always necessarily judge them.

Have you had any on-set accidents?  

I cut up my wrist punching a window once. I was in character and I didn’t realise I’d actually sliced it open. I carried on filming when I really should have got it seen to. When I finally went to hospital the nurse had to reopen the wound and take the glass out. She gave me a big telling off.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Ice-Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. It can’t really fail. People are genuinely amused even if you’re terrible.

What was the last lie you told?

That I’d be at this event in five minutes when I knew I was really half-an-hour away.

What word or phrase do you overuse the most?

You know?’ It’s in every other sentence.

What’s your Monday morning motivation?

Give me a pot of coffee with cinnamon and a newspaper on a Monday morning and I’m all set.

What’s your go-to getting ready for a party song?

Come Together by Primal Scream

You’ve got friends coming around for drinks. Tell us your signature cocktail.

Straight whisky. Then you know who you’re real friends are because they’ll drink it with you.

What are your top three most used emojis?

The smiley face with the wink, the one where the eyes look totally perplexed and the jazz hands. Usually all at once.

В общем, там ничего особенно интересного и внезапно нового нет: до сих пор учится быть актёром; самой сложой ролью был Антипа в "Убить Иисуса"; однажды на съёмочной площадке порезал запястье и не заметил этого.
Из того, что не связано с актёрской игрой: в караоке поёт айс, айс, бэби, потому что сложно испортить эту песню, да и людям будет смешно, даже если петь очень плохо; слово- или фраза-паразит — "вы знаете"; кофе с корицей и газета — его рецепт утренней понедельничной мотивации... Ну и чистый виски как фирменный коктейль для друзей. Потому что только "настоящие друзья будут пить его вместе с вами". Пересказ очень вольный, основанный на гуглопереводе.

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